Getting started with BMJ Learning

BMJ Learning provides medical professionals with tools to increase their knowledge and progress their career. It provides over 1,000 interactive learning modules, across over 70 specialty areas, to assist in the continuing medical education (CME) and postgraduate training for doctors and other healthcare professionals.

Learn how to log in, get started and personalise your BMJ Learning.  Read our ‘Getting Started’ guide below.

How to access

Getting started is easy, just follow the steps below.

  1. To register go to and click ‘Register’, or press ‘Login’ if you have previously registered and enter your login details. After registering, you will need to visit this page every time you want to access BMJ Best Practice, so ensure that you bookmark it for future reference.
  2. If you have selected ‘Register’ you will be taken to a page to input your email address. Following this, click ‘Register’.
  3. Once you have filled out your email address, you will be taken to a short ‘registration form’. Please fill out the form and in the last box, input the access code that was sent to you in your access email. Click ‘Register’.
  4. Once you have either registered or logged in you will be taken to your BMJ Hub. Click on ‘BMJ Learning’ to go to the BMJ Learning website.
  5. Once on the BMJ Learning website you will see your personal homepage which is personalised using the information we know about you. You can check this information or update it at any time in the “Update your details” bar at the top of the page.


How to select and start modules


You can use the search bar to type subjects or keywords which are of interest to you. This will display a list of the modules which are relevant to your search topic.


Browse modules

You can use the browse by specialty function to view all of the modules on the site, sorted alphabetically and by key groupings. Either select one of the module groups to the left of the browse box or the letters across the top to see a list of modules in the chosen category.

Select modules on your homepage

You’ll see a selection of modules on your personal BMJ Learning homepage. These are tailored for you based on your profession, speciality and country. To view any of these just select the module title.

Viewing module information

When you select any module, you will be taken to a page of information to help you decide if the module is of interest to you. This page will show:

  • An overview of the module, including the objectives
  • The estimated time the module will take to complete
  • The module authors
  • The organisations which accredit the module
  • The type of module this is, and if it includes audio or video.

Completing modules

From the module information page you will be given the option to either “Start module” or “Add to portfolio”. You can add the module to your BMJ Portfolio to complete at a later date. If you do not choose to start the module now, it will be automatically added to your BMJ Portfolio. After you have selected “Start module” you can then work through the module pages by clicking on the “Submit” button at the bottom of the screen, your progress is automatically saved. You can also go back by clicking on “Previous” or print the page.

Getting your certificate

When you have completed a module you can collect your certificated by selecting “Get certificate”, which can be printed, or downloaded and saved in your records. You will be given a choice of who you would like to accredit the module from a list of accrediting organisations. You can also collect your certificate at a later date from your BMJ Portfolio

Types of modules


Read, reflect, respond Designed to give you the opportunity to read around the topic, reflect on the issues and the opinions of other users, then respond with your own thoughts and opinions.
Interactive case history Using real life consultations, BMJ Learning takes you through the condition, testing your knowledge throughout the module and creating an interactive working environment to guide you through your learning.
Just in time These modules bring you the essentials on everyday conditions in a clear, concise and quick method. A fast, evidence based update to add to your BMJ Portfolio learning record.
Multiple choice questionnaires These modules are associated with an article in BMJ Journals, and consist of a quiz to check your understanding of that particular article
Video, animations and audio We have a wide range of these styles of module where you can listen to or watch experts discussing key topics.
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